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ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? By paralleling, the output power is increased accordingly. Consequently, the new power devices are determined by the cosmic radiation robustness requirements. Moreover, decentralized high-power string inverters in the range of 75 kW to 150 kW per unit are emerging in utility-scale systems, as they allow a more flexible design and lower maintenance cost. The high operating voltage of 1500V results in the requirement of a low, cosmic radiation-induced failure rate [3], with high system efficiency for the power devices at the same time. The effective voltage for these measurements from DC(+) to neutral (NPC) and from neutral (NPC) to DC(-) results in VDC=750 V because of VDC=VDC_System/2. GE has confirmed that it is to begin establishing its LV5 1500V solar inverters throughout its territories towards the end of the year. The CC topology is designed for the bidirectional switch in the NPC path of a 3 level NPC2 topology. wind and solar inverters to form voltage and frequency levels like traditional generators. One reason solar power has been relatively expensive—even though the fuel is free—is that some of it gets lost in the DC/AC conversions. GE’s LV5+ Solar Power Station combines GE’s LV5+ 1500 V solar inverter, with medium voltage power transformer, optional MV Ring Main Unit (RMU), auxiliary transformer and various options within a single, standard 20ft ISO high cube container. MV solution up to 6.4 MVA, for decentralized photovoltaic plants with 1500V string PV inverters. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. Based on the low inductive DC bus design, the resulting collector-emitter peak voltage is far below the blocking voltage limit of the device. The resulting peak voltage for the 2300 V FF device and for the 1200 V CC device in such a 1500 V set is of interest. Inverters convert the direct-current electricity produced by the solar panels into alternating current that can be used in homes and businesses. This is at the heart of the LV5 technology’s offering, helping to improve cost performance in the solar industry. Moreover, an almost circular P-Q diagram is achieved which supports emerging applications such as energy storage systems. At the time of a shrinking feed-in-tariff, Japanese energy companies are concentrated on improving their technology to enable more cost-effective solar energy. Designers are seeking for a higher level of integration, which means the mounting of the boost inductors on the printed circuit board (PCB). LV5+ 1500V Solar Inverter Data Specifications Units LV5 + 1560 Solar Inverter LV5 + 1563 Solar Inverter LV5 1566 Solar Inverter LV5 1569 Solar ... introduce 1,500-volt to the solar market. SMA Solar’s inverter shipments rebound in Q3 after COVID-19 hit ‘A troubling reality’: Study claims swathes of US solar projects underperforming Dominion … Building on expertise in the renewables industry, GE now offers its latest power conversion technology for efficient, cost effective and dispatchable solar power. This new power semiconductor solution allows a flexible and simplified inverter design for solar central applications in a standard standalone 2 level (2L) topology. A loop inductance of such a 1:1 system of approximately Ls=35 nH is feasible. In contrast to other SiC MOSFETs in the market, no external SiC FWDs are needed. Figure 5 summarizes the simulation results considering a variety of potential solutions regarding high-power central inverters. Thus, the amount of SiC devices is reduced to a minimum, achieving an optimal cost-performance ratio. • • The LV5+Solar Inverter is one of the industry’s leading 1500V developments and is GE’s latest evolution in renewable power electronics. The CL125 inverter is suitable for both architectures. X. Hao, K. Ma, J. Zhao, X. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); : “2.3 kV – A new voltage class for Si IGBT and Si FWD”, Proc. At SPI, GE unveiled its LV5+ solar central inverter that uses a Silicon Carbide (SiC) chip. As a result of the higher DC voltage, GE’s technology enables a reduced number of electrical components, thereby reducing the infrastructure, deployment and running costs of a solar plant. GE and Looop Partner on 1500V PV Inverters for Japan April 12, 2017 by Jeff Shepard. By this approach, the switching frequency can be increased, total losses are lowered, and relevant critical components such as filters or heatsinks can be minimized which finally leads to optimized and lowest system cost. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; For 1500 V grid-tied converters in the range of 75 to 150 kW, highly compact and efficient power electronics solutions are required. })(); GE Energy Management will deliver 1500V PV inverter solution totaling over 1GW for NextEra Energy Resource’s solar portfolio planned to start operation in 2015-2016. Solar’s Journey From Mainframe to Smartphone Huawei’s vision for the future of energy, in many ways, follows the path of the information technology industry. A GE 1500V inverter. OuR centeR OF eXcellence FOR sOlaR Pv: GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH Culemeyerstrasse 1 d-12277 Berlin Germany cOntact us [email protected] * At rated AC operating voltage ** Nominal power up to 1000m lv5+ sOlaR ehOuse sOlutiOn inPut data MAX. Moreover, the same hardware platform could be used to serve both solar and energy storage applications. GE Energy Management’s Power Conversion business will provide its latest LV5 1500V solar inverters, both at 2MW and 4MW, to equip solar farms in various locations across the U.S.A. The Installed LV5 Inverter is in Smooth Operation in the Field. A cost-efficient way for a special adaptation of the A-NPC topology to optimally combine Infineon´s CoolSiC™ 1200-V MOSFET with TRENCHSTOP IGBT technology is proposed. Over 100 GW of 1500V solar inverters to be shipped in next 2 years Over the last decade, the cost of solar PV has dropped dramatically, and the technology can now compete with conventional power generation in many regions. FH Meschede. The Next Trend in Solar: 1000V to 1500V, and Why You Should Adopt Now Published on July 7, 2016 July 7, 2016 • 232 Likes • 27 Comments Combined Technological Expertise Improves Plant Production, Reduces Costs. The diagram is given in Figure 8. This is becoming a more important requirement in utility PV applications. Transistors T5 and T6 consist of CoolSiC MOSFETs with internal body diodes. Part of GE’s ongoing developments in power electronics technology, the ProSolar inverter builds on extensive experience of designing and ALLOWABLE dC VOLTAGE [V] 1500 VdC dC MPP RAnGE [V]* 875 - 1300 VdC GE signs an agreement with One Stop Warehouse, one of the biggest players in the Australian photovoltaic market. The economy of scale and innovations in the area of system technology, which are leading to a reduction of the levalized cost of energy (LoCE), are among the main drivers behind this development [1]. Boasting a compact design and best-in-class conversion…. Not only the high-power PV central inverter had to follow innovations to support further steps in the field of PV system technology, but also the string inverter. SOLAR WARE 2550. Designed and engineered in Lawrence, MA, the new SOLECTRIA XGI inverters are assembled and tested at Yaskawa America’s facilities in Buffalo Grove, IL. So far, the company has obtained nearly 1 GW of orders in Brazil and expects to deliver in total roughly 500 MW by the end of 2017 to support local solar farms. It is also an excellent choice as the main part in an efficient 3 level NPC2 topology (3LNPC2). Along with this, Schneider Electric offers complete electrical balance of system solutions to connect your inverters to the grid. To reach the highest performance, the most recent technology with the 7th generation of the TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT and Emitter Controlled Diode is used as the basis for this new power device. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. Minimizing the loop inductance at the system level is a key lever for optimizing the overall system performance. Create one now. GE Power Conversion ProSolar Central Solar Inverter ProSolar Central Solar Inverter The ProSolar central solar inverter is the latest development in inverters specifically designed for the solar industry. GE Power Conversion is introducing Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology into its next-generation 1500V PV inverter product line, bringing increased power conversion efficiency to … A significant advantage results from the chosen modulation scheme in combination with the ANPC topology. Don't have an EEPower account? In Figure 3, the module arrangement and a possible DC-bus structure for a three-module (2:1) phase is shown. The new higher voltage 1500V PV inverter marks a shift in the solar industry, enabling utility-scale solar plants to become more cost-effective; GE Energy Management will deliver 1500V PV inverter solution totaling over 1GW for NextEra Energy Resource’s solar portfolio planned to start operation in 2015-2016; GE is the first in the market with LV5 1500V PV inverter, one of the most efficient solutions for utility scale solar … GE LV5 1500V series: As the world’s first 1500-volt solar inverter in the market, the LV5 solution provides a host of benefits compared to the current standard market offering of 1,000-volt inverters. Other inverters used for 1,500V DC voltages are often equipped with only one 1,700V IGBT. Initially, the company made central inverters for utility-scale projects that ranged in capacity from 250 kilowatts to 1.2 megawatts. The MPP tracker scans the maximum power point regularly to make sure the inverter works at the maximum power of PV strings, minimizing the impact of partial shadows and ultimately producing more electricity when shading occurs. Power Module Solutions for a 1500V PV Inverter, Fairchild Answers DC-DC Design Challenge for High Efficiency in a Tiny Footprint, IGCT – A Highly Efficient Device with Continuing Great Success in High Power Applications, Mature Wide Band Gap Semiconductors in Systems A Tech Review of Presentations at PCIM, Switching Power Supplies with More than 96% Efficiency Due to the Use of GaN Transistors, S. Araujo et al. Because of these contradictory requirements, NPC1 or A-NPC multilevel topologies are the preferred solutions today [4]. Building on the legacy of 1000V inverters, GE’s 1500V LV5 inverters are specifically designed for the solar industry. Over 100 GW of 1500V solar inverters to be shipped in next 2 years Over 100 GW of 1500V solar inverters to be shipped in next 2 years Over the last decade, the cost of solar PV has dropped dramatically, and the technology can now compete with conventional power generation in many regions.

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